Welcome to Eastern Sri Lanka

The emerging region in the Wonder of Asia offering vast untapped resources and opportunities for profitable business.

Eastern Province has been given high priority in the economic development policy framework of the government of Sri Lanka which is been ably supported by the Provincial Administration in order to achieve faster socio-economic recovery in the post-conflict development in the province. Following quotes by some of the key policy makers in the national and provincial governments is testimony to this effect.

H.E. Maithripala Sirisena, President of Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka

I am pleased to send this message to the forthcoming “Invest-In-East – 2016″, International Investment Promotion Forum organized by the Office of the Chief Minister of the Eastern Province in association with several national agencies.

Sri Lanka is ranked as having the most liberalized economy in South Asia, shown by the high level of deregulation, greater encouragement to the private sector, and opening the economy to international competition. The government of Sri Lanka, in its post conflict development effort gives high priority to facilitation of investments into former conflict affected areas in the northern and eastern provinces. With this objective in mind, the government has embarked on an accelerated infrastructure development programme, and I am glad to note that the Eastern Province has achieved this objective to a certain extent making it attractive to investors. Hence, with the resource availability and incentives and facilities, the Eastern Province has the full potential to be an “investment hot spot”.

I congratulate the Eastern Provincial Council taking this timely initiative to organise “Invest-In-East – 2016″, International Investment Promotion Forum and wish it every success.

Hon. Ranil Wickremasinghe, Prime Minister, Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka

“Invest-In-East – 2016″ – the special investment promotion program focusing the Eastern Province is held at a time when the Government has formulated a plan for the economic transformation of Sri Lanka. We are in the process of restructuring foreign direct investment procedure with a view to removing bottlencks and avoiding delays.

The Eastern Province has a lot of potential and resources to attract foreign investors. Therefore, a program of this type offers an opportunity to the investors to explore opportunities available in the region. In this regard, the Eastern Provincial Council has compiled several project proposals in areas covering agriculture, animal husbandry, fisheries, tourism and small industries.

The enormous potential the province offers with its natural resources and human capital coupled with improved infrastructure are in paralleled with any other investment destination. In this context, the “Invest-In-East – 2016″ will be an effective platform to propagate this message throughout the world.

I wish that “Invest-In-East – 2016″ will provide a gateway to economic bloom in the Eastern Province.

Hon. R. Sampanthan, MP Leader of the Opposition

I am extremely happy to send this message of good wishes to "Invest-In-East" - 2nd International Forum on Investment Promotion in the Eastern Province

The Eastern Province with its most valuable natural resources has tremendous potential for Investment Promotion in several sectors. I have not the slightest doubt that the people of the Eastern Province, particularly the youth will play an active role in the successful implementation of this venture. The fact that the Eastern Province was also much devastated by the conflict would be an impetus to this programme.

The involvement of the Diaspora in this venture would be a further incentive to its success. The fields of Agriculture, Fisheries, Livestock Development, Industries particularly medium and small scale industries, Tourism, Port Development and related activities, provide vast opportunities for investment promotion beneficial to the war affected North & East and indeed the whole country. I congratulate everyone responsible for this initiative and wish it every success.

Hon. Rauff Hakeem, MP, Minister of City Planning & Water Supply, Patron, Foundation for Eastern Economic Development (FEED)

It is with immense pleasure that I write this congratulatory note to the "Invest-in-East – 2016" project which hopes to be the premier Investment Promotion Forum attracting foreign direct investments to the Eastern Province. It receives the active support of the Chief Ministry of the Eastern Province. It is also supported by the National level Ministries and Departments. Investment promotion in the Eastern Province, needless to say, is essential for socio-economic transformation that is unfolding in the region. Economic benefits will guarantee the much-awaited peace dividends to the people of the Eastern Province who were subject to a long drawn violent conflict for over two decades. Economic prosperity could only be created by promoting private investments and entrepreneurial activities in the province. In this context, the "Invest-in-East – 2016" 2nd international investment promotion forum will turn a new chapter in promoting free enterprise in the formerly conflict affected province. Given its high investment potential the right kind of investment in the East is bound to yield high returns both to the investor and to the community. I wish to congratulate the Eastern Provincial Chief Ministry, the National Ministries and all related agencies for this excellent and timely initiative of encouraging private investments to accelerate economic upliftment in the Eastern Province. I invite interested investors to invest in the East and assure them our fullest cooperation to all investors in the Eastern Province.

Hon. Mangala Samaraweera, MP, Minister of Foreign Affairs

It gives me great pleasure to issue this message welcoming all delegates and participants attending "Invest-in-East", the second International Forum on Investment Promotion in the Eastern Province of Sri Lanka.

The establishment of this forum creates new opportunities in the Eastern Province which suffered during the 30 year Civil War, but is now resurgent with the return of peace and the establishment of law and order.

The strength of the Eastern Province lies in its vast number of natural and human resources as well as its infrastructure which continues to modernize and grow with the aid of the Government. However, the true potential of the Eastern Province can only be achieved if sufficient investment is injected into the region in order to create new opportunities and improve the living standards of the population. Since the election of the new Government, I had the opportunity of interacting closely with many international investors from a variety of countries. Many potential investors expressed keen interest in starting projects in the Eastern Province. I was able to convey to these potential investors that in the future, the Eastern Province will have a major role to play in the economic aspect of the country and that it will be largely driven by both local and Foreign Direct Investment.

Due to these reasons, it is very important that a forum is being held that is focussed solely on developing the Eastern Province

Hon. Malik Samarawickrama, MP, Minister of Development Strategies & International Trade

I am pleased to send this message of felicitation to “Invest-in-East – 2016”, the 2nd International Investment Promotion Forum of the Eastern Province. After the three-decade long conflict that severely disrupted economic development, the government is carrying out an ambitious programme of rehabilitation and reconstruction, including infrastructure development, in the East of the country to attract both domestic and foreign investment to this region. This Government is promoting private sector-led growth. In doing so high priority is being attached to regionally balanced and inclusive development. Batticaloa and Trincomalee are two of the cities that are being promoted as urban hubs which will drive the development process. I anticipate that there will be considerable opportunities for private investment and public – private partnerships. An independent judiciary and legislation to foster foreign direct investment as well as to ensure the repatriation of profits provide a robust legal framework. The country also offers a skilled and highly trainable workforce as well as advanced connectivity. I am glad to note that economic development and investment promotion have been given priority by the “Eastern Provincial Authorities” who have organized this timely forum to promote foreign investment in this province, which has vast opportunities for profitable economic ventures. It would be heartening to see the rise of the Sri Lankan economy with a revitalized Eastern Province. I congratulate the Eastern Provincial Council for organizing this important event in collaboration with the national Ministries mandated to promote economic development and investment promotion. I wish “Invest-in-East 2016” Forum every success.

Hon. Austin Fernando, Governor of Eastern Province of Sri Lanka

It gives me great pleasure to send a special message on the second International Investment Promotion Forum of the Eastern Province of Sri Lanka “Invest-In-East – 2015”, organised by the Chief Ministry of the Eastern Province. The Eastern Province has been developing rapidly during the last several years since the end of the conflict, both in terms of infrastructure development and increased economic output. The Government of Sri Lanka under its new economic policy frame work has given priority to economic development and investment promotion of the Eastern Province. Major infrastructure projects are fast taking place making the Eastern Province easily accessible and well-connected by road, air and sea.

The Province offers a vast untapped natural resource base and skilled and hard-working human resource, which could be transformed into wealth creation. The central and provincial governments have new approaches to investor attraction, which should be made use by financiers. The Eastern Province welcomes the investor-financiers and promise best of investment facilitation. We wish to make our interactions memorable that would create everlasting memories of participation. We will not make any investor regret of his decision to invest in the Eastern Province. In this context, it is a timely initiative made by the Chief Ministry to host the second International Investor Forum of the Eastern Province. I warmly welcome all investors to all investors and business persons interested in my Province, to be partners of progress and development in the socio-economic transformation process in the Province. I wish all investor financiers the best of business in my Province.

Hon. Naseer Ahamed (Eng.), M.P.C., Chief Minister of Eastern Province of Sri Lanka

We are delighted to welcome you to the 2nd International Investment Promotion Forum of the Eastern Province of Sri Lanka, Invest-In-East 2016. The forum is an initiative of the Chief Ministry of the Eastern Province organized in partnership with a number of national Ministries and Agencies. Our mission is to create a conducive business environment where you as entrepreneurs and businessmen can prosper in your businesses at the same time creating new job and learning opportunities for the people in the Eastern region and enabling them a dignified standard of living - after all, these people have been through immense hardships during the years of conflict and they are all fully prepared and eagerly awaiting to actively take part in the development process. Whilst there is considerable space for profitable ventures, businesses can also look forward to fulfilling their objectives of social responsibility being part of the massive transformation due to take place in uplifting the socio-ec o system of all the communities in the region.

With the support and guidance of the Government of Sri Lanka, we are opening up vast opportunities for businesses, both local as well as foreign, to successfully set up Factories, Design Houses, Creative Centres and Outsourcing Centres. Besides, the Eastern Coast is blessed with pristine beaches and spectacular marine life - we will be actively providing all necessary assistance to promote world class hotels, theme parks, water sports, and other tourism related ventures. All our development initiatives will be coordinated fully in tandem with internationally accepted norms of eco-friendly and sustainable development.

So the Forum itself is an unparalleled opportunity for entrepreneurs and businessmen to come and assess firsthand details regarding these opportunities, meet the policy makers and other officials and be amongst the initial wave of investors to make avail of this massive opportunity. We will have a fully dedicated team available to assist you throughout the programme.

I wish the"Invest-In-East 2016 forum and all the participants complete success.